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Wetrooms & Power Showers

Following a design survey to discuss your requirements, we would then advise you which shower set-up would be best suited to your home. We can then offer you a range of different shower styles to meet your style ideas and budget. We recommend Mira Showers and they offer a fantastic range, from purely functional to fully digital.


You can have the choice of a drench head or a spray head and or even opt for the convenience of both. There are lots of different styles and choices and we have wide knowledge in what could work well in different layouts of a room.

You could decide to have a power shower as a stand-alone design with a shower tray, or it also works well over a bath with a shower screen. The choice is yours, but we would be happy to guide you!

If your water pressure is a problem then talk to us about how a new pressurised hot water cylinder could be the answer.

Becoming ever more popular, wet rooms are basically a waterproof room in your house. The floors are angled to allow drainage and there is usually only a screen separating the shower area from the main bathroom area. This choice of room is seeing a growing popularity amongst mature clients who are seeking a safer alternative to the traditional bath or tray. Showers use less water and make cleaning the bathroom much easier.