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General Plumbing

Taps get a lot of use on a daily basis in often more than two rooms in the house, so it's no surprise that from time to time, they require a little love and care. If you have a tap that has been dripping not only will the mess that it makes cause annoyance and extra cleaning, over time it will be costing you money, so it pays to have it repaired. We can fix general plumbing issues with taps and toilets. Or maybe you want to have an outside tap fitted to make those outside jobs like washing the car and watering the flowerbeds, more accessible. If your old taps are past their best we can supply and fit new taps in many different styles and types.


If you have recently moved into your property or you have decided to invest in a new appliance, then call us for installation. Improper fitting of home appliances can not only be costly but it can invalidate any warranty you may hold. So why not let us take the hassle out of deciphering that instruction manual and book your appliance installation now.

Is your toilet making a strange noise when it is flushed? Perhaps your overflow pipe is leaking or you've started to notice strange watermarks on the ceiling. Any of these situations can be put right by an experienced plumber, so please call us to find out how we can put things right in your home. Are you being kept awake by that leaky tap? Worried about high water bills? New home appliance needing installation? We can help with all manner of general plumbing problems and help to take care of all those little jobs that may need the attention of an expert.