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Hot Water Cylinders

The material of choice in modern cylinders is stainless steel, known for increased durability. This means that you can be assured your investment will stand the test of time. The most common cylinder is indirectly heated by a boiler with direct models being heated by an immersion.

Hard water areas where limescale can be a particular problem significantly decreases the functionality ability of your hot water cylinder. Lagging your tank can also help to prevent heat loss but won't come anywhere near the thermal insulation provided by the latest tanks.


Pressurised cylinders can also aid where low-pressure is a problem. For expert advice and to see how a new hot-water cylinder can actually save you money then call us on 01603 516400.

We at The Norfolk Bathroom Company pride ourselves in offering a wide range of services, with new technologies continually being developed, we aim to offer these features to our clients where possible. With solar power growing in popularity, we are happy to work with Norfolk Solar who are able to provide solar thermal technologies to heat hot water systems. Through this working partnership we would be able to offer a tank compatible with solar technology, subject to the suitability of your property for a solar system. If this is something you are interested in, then please follow the link and contact them directly to arrange your no-obligation site survey.

If your existing copper cylinder is no longer performing at its best potential, then it is likely to be costing you more money in everyday running costs and usage.

With access to the very latest designs in hot water efficiency and pressurised cylinders, we can supply a variety of different types of cylinder to suit your plumbing setup.